Law + Disorder Revolution Pack
Law + Disorder Revolution Pack
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Law and Disorder Archives 2016-2017
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Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao and Che by Max

The first in-depth study of the long march of the US New Left after 1968
The sixties were a time when radical movements learned to embrace
twentieth-century Marxism. Revolution in the Air is the definitive study of this
turning point, and examines what the resistance of today can learn from the
legacies of Lenin, Mao and Che.
It tells the story of the “new communist movement” which was the most
racially integrated and fast-growing movement on the Left. Thousands of young
activists, radicalized by the Vietnam War and Black Liberation, and spurred on
by the Puerto Rican, Chicano and Asian-American movements, embraced a Third
World oriented version of Marxism. These admirers of Mao, Che and Amilcar Cabral
organized resistance to the Republican majorities of Nixon and Ford.

By the 1980s these groups had either collapsed or become tiny shards of the
dream of a Maoist world revolution. Taking issue with the idea of a division
between an early “good sixties” and a later “bad sixties,” Max Elbaum is
particularly concerned to reclaim the lessons of the new communist movement for
today’s activists who, like their sixties’ predecessors, are coming of age
at a time when the Left lacks mass support and is fragmented along racial lines.

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