Meditation for the NEW Millennium CD-DVD Pack
Meditation for the NEW Millennium CD-DVD Pack
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Pack Includes:

True Abundance, Michael Bernard Beckwith, 2 CD Set


Meditation for the NEW Millennium w Kathryn Davis - 2 CD set


True Abundance: Practices for Living from the Overflow
Michael Bernard Beckwith, 2 CD Set

When we find ourselves wanting more money or material wealth, what is it that
our souls are really seeking? According to Michael Bernard Beckwith, what we
long for is “true abundance”—the overflowing treasure of divine energy
that is all around us at all times. On True Abundance, this visionary teacher
brings listeners practical and accessible techniques for breaking free of our
limited view of prosperity and connecting to the bounty that is always available
to us. This two-CD program includes:

• Practicing the Law of Circulation: insights on how our concept of
“ownership” undermines genuine wealth
• Meditations for dismantling the internal barriers between you and your true
divine inheritance
• Skillful means for hearing the voice of Spirit that guides you toward
prosperity, and more

What is the actual key to wealth: hard work, ingenuity, or perhaps just luck?
Michael Bernard Beckwith reveals that it’s none of the above—instead, it is
the deep acceptance that we are worthy of success. With True Abundance, he
provides listeners with a practical approach for rising above our limitations
and embracing the plentiful life that the universe offers us in every moment.

Note: Portions of this program are excerpted from Living from the Overflow.

Realizing the Life That You Are

Crucial Insights for Meditators of Any Level of Experience

The essence of meditation is not something we do; rather, it is simply to be,
fully present and aligned with life in the moment. This is the central teaching
of Echart Tolle's What is Meditation? In this illuminating video session. Echart
helps us transcend our beliefs and ideas about meditation - including the
tendency to turn the practice into a means to an end - in order to realize
directly our formless nature as being that is primary to any doing.

Inviting us to step back from the personal dimension of a thought-based sense of
self convened solely with "the forms of this world." Eckhart points us toward
the discovery of conscious presence itself - which can only be found when we put
aside any resistance to whatever form this moment takes. What is Meditation?
explores how this transformational process unfolds, which practical insights

• What meditation can and cannot do for you
• Acknowledging the "pulling power" of thoughts
• Engaging with the reality of consciousness itself
• Honoring life by saying yes to what is
• The arising of "space consciousness" - and how this opens us to joy,
creativity, and peace

Whether you've struggled with meditation or you're taking an interest in it for
the first time, What is Meditation? gives us a new understanding of why we
practice - and an inspirational guide for making life itself our daily

Meditation for the NEW Millennium w Kathryn Davis - 2 CD set created by Kathryn
Davis, host of Heart Of Mind, Radio for the NEW Millennium.


CD 1: Meditation and Stretch: Sitting Relaxation; Infinity Breath; Preliminary
Stretch; Meditation of Appreciation

CD 2: ACTIVATING THE POWER CENTER: Gathering the motivation and power to sustain
the movement of creation, rejuvenation for self healing and prosperity.

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