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How Slavery Shaped the USA - 4 DVD Set
How Slavery Shaped the USA - 4 DVD Set
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A landmark, four part series, presented from a unique vantage point ?" through
the eyes of the enslaved, that examines the history of slavery in the United
States, underscoring how American slavery evolved from a loosely defined labor
system into tightly regulated enslavement, without recourse, based solely on
race. This series documents how it was the slaves, through their intelligence,
skills, ingenuity and labor who created the wealth for the Southern and Northern
states ?" a huge debt for which is still to be paid back. This series credits
the slaves unrelenting quest for liberation, informed by their African social
structures and cultural traditions with the establishment of what democratic
rights we have and principles of equality, albeit still to be realized. The
variety of cultures from which slaves originated provided the new states with a
multitude of skills and the intelligence that had a dramatic effect on the
communities. From joining the British in the Revolutionary War, to fleeing to
Canada, to joining rebel communities in the U.S., Africans in bondage sought
freedom in many ways, ultimately having a far-reaching effect on the new
hemisphere they were forced to inhabit and raising the issues that remain
relevant, and critical for today.

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