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Fight the Power: Inequality Is Ultimately A Question Of Power! - 4 DVDs
Fight the Power: Inequality Is Ultimately A Question Of Power!  - 4 DVDs
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Movements overcome injustices not just by bearing witness to the wrongs of the time, but by enabling people to envision a better future. Martin Luther King described the Dream, the Promised Land, the place towards which people were marching. The national liberation movements across the globe fought to remove the jack-boot of colonialism from their backs and for self-determination.
Malcolm X’s Organization of Afro-American Unity sought to reconnect African Americans with their African heritage, establish economic independence, and promote African American self-determination. Fight the Power presents 4 outstanding films that explore how African-American and Puerto Rican and Latino/a communities formed organizations for economic, racial and social justice. From Chicago streets to the barrios of New York City and other urban centers, the Black Panthers, the Young Lords emerged to demand decent living conditions and raised a militant voice for the empowerment of the people. These organizations of the grassroots and their vision for transformation coalesced into a movement to tackle inequality and articulated what fighting inequality would look like. The movement to tackle inequality was not a campaign for nicer language – but a struggle for a fairer society, for shared prosperity, for a world where no one has impunity and no one is a nobody. It was a struggle for dignity. Most importantly, these activists were saying that progress in the fight against inequality would look like a strengthening of the power of ordinary people – more people finding support in community groups and, a stronger voice for people in decisions that affect them. This is partly because the scale of change entailed can only come about through pressure from below – it is the only way it ever has. Theirs were not just a movement to change the rules but also to change who gets to make the rules. Inequality is ultimately a question of power.

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