Freedom Suite - 6 DVDs
Freedom Suite - 6 DVDs
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Product Code: PD0545-DEC16

As we brace ourselves against the advent of the consolidation of the most plutocratic governance structure in our life time and its aspiration to roll back human, social and economic rights to pre-New Deal years we look to thinkers/activists who can inspire and guide us as we resist and organize for peoples power. Our extraordinary cinema graphic gem talks to those who are prepared to fight the tripe evils of militarism and war; wealth divisions and poverty; and against discrimination and disparate treatment of all sorts. Freedom Suite keeps its eye on the prize, building for power to the people by battling against the systemic inequities of capitalism.

Watch and listen to scholar/activists Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Jelani Cobb, Michelle Alexander, Bryan Stevenson, Darrick Hamilton, Tom Shapiro Black Lives Matters organizers address the complexity of race and class inequality and who provide a way forward for those who believe in freedom. And let's view and review the greatest experiment in socialism to date and turn our attention to the Cuban revolution of FIDEL Castro through filmmaker, activist Saul Landau's stirring analysis of the Cuban revolution and through an "African Odyssey," were we see African nations casting off the yoke of colonialism and for independence. The role Cuba played in Africa against imperialism is one of the most insightful and productive in history to obtain self-determination for oppressed and exploited countries and serves as a model to emulate world-wide.

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