Breaking the Chains! - 2 DVD's
Breaking the Chains! - 2 DVD's
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“The only way to give cogent answers here is to examine
the present and the past simultaneously. All history is
current events.” John Henrik Clarke

Listen to penetrating documentaries that looks at 500 years of history from an
Afro-centric perspective, and depict the problems people of African descent
continue to encounter today, which finds its roots in history. Voices from
across the global diaspora covering issues ranging from slavery to the civil
rights movement and from colonialism to poverty. These documentaries takes us
from Africa through the famine, diseases, and social dislocation aboard ships
that took the Africans to Europe to build empires off of their labor and their
very personage, as chattel, commodified to become a source of great wealth.

Listen to the voices of the African diaspora, chronicling the history of ethnic
oppression people have suffered under. But most of it isn’t in the past;
rather, it condemns how the mask of democracy obscures the oppression of people
of African-ancestry , since the heyday of the African slave trade still face. It
draws attention to the systemic issues that continue to obstruct equality.
These documentaries are a magnifying lens that burns mainstream education,
popular entertainment, law enforcement, judicial practices, policy-makers,
religious tradition, standards of beauty, and more, emphasizing how deep-seated
inequality is.

You can’t come from hundreds of years of slavery and really claim to achieve
social parity in just a few decades. Racism is now much less visible, but no
less prevalent, and all it takes is a little critical thinking to reveal its
presence. But the truth is that we don’t like thinking about it. Especially
white people, who fear what may happen if we acknowledge our guilt. It’s a
subconscious terror of forced repatriation or, worse, retaliation. But it’s
something we have to face if we want to ever make progress.

We bury the breath of and depths of what’s been done to Africa and people of
African ancestry. But, 500 years later these documenties storm into the woods,
digs up that corpse, dumps it on our front lawn, and stands there, hands on
hips, asking us what we intend to do about it.

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