Israel: The Truth of Colonial Zionism - 4 dvds
Israel: The Truth of Colonial Zionism - 4 dvds
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Israel’s parliament voted early Thursday to further entrench Jewish supremacy
and racial discrimination against Palestinians in its constitutional law. Legal
advocates say the law violates international prohibitions on apartheid and
campaigners are urging more efforts to isolate Israel through BDS – boycott,
divestment and sanctions.

Zionist fulminations against the evocative A-word will now have to contend with
the ignoble G-word. That Israel is an Apartheid entity is now indisputable, with
international institutions and academics declaring it to be a crime against
humanity. To this must now be added the increasingly obvious fact that the
Palestinians are facing Genocide at the hands of the Israeli colonists.

The creation of the state of Israel in May 1948 was a settler-colonial
enterprise in which Palestinians were displaced through a deliberate policy of
terror and ethnic cleansing that made room for alien colonists, drawn largely
from Europe and North America. Colonial Zionism differed from other European
colonial enterprises in its much more ambitious intentions; it set out not only
to exploit the indigenous people and steal their resources, but also to expel
them and move Jews onto the stolen land. From the outset, Zionism — the
ideology underpinning Israel — held terrorism to be one of its indispensable
weapons for the achievement of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Learn about the hidden history of colonial Zionism, absorb the atmosphere of
conquest and siege and listen to the testimonies of those ripped from their land
and who the Israeli government seeks to strip of their culture, their very
identity as a nation and deprive the Palestinians as a people of their right to
self-determination, all aided and abetted by the United States. You’ll
understand why in Gaza Palestinians have been left with the stark choice of
festering in a walled-off ghetto or rushing its militarized gates at the risk of

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