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Eugenics: It's As American As Apple Pie & Rotten To The Core! - 3 DVDs
Eugenics: It's As American As Apple Pie & Rotten To The Core! - 3 DVDs
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Product Code: PD0581-FA18

It’s back! Trump has propelled eugenics into the news cycle again. What does it mean if our country’s President believes in eugenics and proclaims himself superior to pretty much everyone else due to his genetic makeup? And, what does
it mean for our country that the connections between Trump and the white supremacy movement resonates here too on a eugenic level? How is it that this pseudo-science hasn’t been fully discredited? Have we missed the strongest point of attack: an indisputable—albeit encoded—endorsement of prejudice? Armchair sociologists and political opportunists continue to perpetuate certain stereotypes, and stimulate in the body politic its deep biases about, race, nationality, disability and based upon ones economic standing in this class-based society. It’s time to be the town crier – “the eugenicists” are coming and before they become more of a materialist force rooted in this county we must call them out, reveal what is at the core of eugenics and eradicate this genocidal philosophy and dispense with its proponents.

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