The Haitian Revolution Continues - 6 DVDs
The Haitian Revolution Continues - 6 DVDs
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The Haitian Revolution Continues

On January 1, 1804, Haiti's chief general Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared the
independence of Haiti, thus indicating the birth of the first black independent
state in the history of the Western Hemisphere. The Haitian Revolution of
1791–1804, led also by Haiti's foremost general, Toussaint L'Ouverture, was
the only triumphant slave revolution in world history, and has become a symbol
of anticolonial revolt and universal emancipation. The slaves at Saint-Domingue
who revolted against their masters in 1791 "invented decolonization", thus
making Haiti "the first postcolonial state” in 1804. The major thesis of this
extraordinary set of films is that the construction of a society without
slavery, one of a universal and unqualified human right to freedom, properly
stands as Haiti's unique contribution to humanity. It was Haiti that fulfilled
the failed promises of both French and American Revolutions concerning the
unqualified and universal human right to freedom and equality. Consequently, the
Haitian Revolution has the utmost relevance for contemporary debates on human
rights, ethics, and universalism.

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